“Thrilling Tales: 15 Most Extreme Roads Around The Globe”

As of 2018, there are 102 million miles worth of roads in the world that have been cataloged. While the majority of those roads may be freshly paved and smoothed over, there are plenty that veer from the beaten path and require a sturdy vehicle and driver to navigate. Some roads present tight turns and the risk of avalanches and earthquakes, making them challenging to traverse and claiming lives of those unfortunate enough to fall victim to them. Today, we delve into the top 15 most extreme roads in the world.


  • Atlantic Ocean Road
  • Kotahuasi Canyon Road
  • Taroko Gorge Road
  • Karakoram Highway
  • Fairy Meadows Road
  • 99 Bend Road To Heaven
  • Gualian Tunnel
  • Pan-American Highway
  • Dalton Highway
  • Amur Yakutsk Highway
  • Zoji La Pass
  • Carnali Highway
  • North Yungas Road
  • Killar to Pangi Road
  • Skippers Canyon Road

Exploring these extreme roads around the globe reveals the dangers and challenges drivers face in different terrains. From treacherous heights to narrow paths with no guardrails, each road comes with its own set of risks. The perseverance of travelers who navigate these roads and the tales of those who have braved these paths stand as a testament to human determination amidst adversity. Whether you seek the thrill of a perilous drive or simply marvel at the sheer audacity of these roads, their existence serves as a reminder of the raw power and beauty of our natural world.